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    Default Flyenlow Stage 3.5: Some more refinement.

    Foreword: I'm putting this in the dyno section because there will be a direct dyno comparison before I'm done.

    I got the itch to work on the car a little now that it's going into the winter. I've been wanting to solve some exhaust issues, leaking/scraping/etc, and decided it's time to do something about it. Upgrade time. I'll be swapping out my JetHot coated flanged connected 1 3/4" headers and 3" ORY for a set of slip fit XS Power stepped 1 3/4"-1 7/8" headers. I thought the XS Power y-pipe was junk and seeing as I saw others were having issues with shipping and fitment, I decided to go with a KOOKS ORY and modify as needed, while routing it into my GMMG. The JetHot headers have done me well, but are lacking in updated design. I like the fact that the XS headers have the velocity merge and spike, also the KOOKS updated Y-pipe design is quite beautiful. I'm very interested to see what kind of gains I'll see with the combination of the two.

    At the same time, I decided it was time to address some cooling issues that I have always dealt with. My car consistently runs at 190*-215*. I know that's not necessarily high, but I have NOTHING in the engine bay, no condenser in front of the radiator and an EWP, so I've always thought it was high. Recently after working on a customers car I built last year, he told me his car barley gets above 180* even with the AC on and sitting in traffic. Granted he has a larger radiator, but the car has nothing deleted, full weight car with AC and is ProCharged and I just though it was crazy this car sat lower then mine. SO I decided to upgrade again of course.

    After 9 years of duty my CSR electric pump I think finally gave up the ghost. After doing a bit of research I found it was only rated at 30-37 gpm initially, so I decided to get a Meziere HD that flows 55 gpm. My shop also has a plasma table so I fabbed a custom shroud for the radiator as well, with some SPAL fans. Hopefully this combination with net some cooler temps.

    I also decided while I had everything off I'd waste money on more shiny bolts...

    XS Power headers

    Outdated ORY vs Kooks new design with true merge

    Meziere vs CSR

    new shroud with dual 12" SPAL

    ARP 12 point hardware

    self explanitory

    Dyno Comparison: I plan to bring the car to the shop and initially run a few baseline pulls. Then I'll swap out the exhaust and see what kind of gains it makes. I don't think the cooling stuff will play in any factor but I could be wrong. I'll keep this post updated as progress continues. Unless weather gets the best of me I hope to knock it out sometime in the next week or two.
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    I figured I wasn't going to start until this weekend or next, but I got a wild hair up my ass and went and got the car and threw it on the rollers last night. Made 3 pulls. 1st pull 419hp/395tq, 2nd pull 423hp/396tq, 3rd pull 425hp/397tq. I'd say that's a pretty consistent baseline. I tore all the old stuff off, did some cleaning and then starting putting everything back on. I'll hopefully finish tonight.
    the DD - 1993 Acura Legend
    the toy - 1995 Pontiac Firebird - 422hp 396tq

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    Copied. Realized I never updated the first time.

    Update: Got everything installed.

    The headers, for what they cost are nice. Had to do a bit of clearancing around the k-member and frame rail. Also, around the primaries/header flange, I attribute that to the fact that I went with head studs though. I have to take the drivers side back off to clearance for steering shaft as well, I did the LS1 shaft upgrade so I'm unsure if the mid section is larger in diameter then the LT1 shaft, but it just sits on it and rubs.

    The Y-pipe I knew was going to take some modification, but honestly it wasn't that bad at all. Small bit of trimming and I cut a small pie cut in the tops to angle the entire pipe a bit more. Also, had to lengthen the intermediate pipe because my old y-pipe was a bit longer, no big deal.

    During the process I also installed a V-clamp where the intermediate went over the axle. It'll make it easier to remove/install later.

    The WP and new shroud work and look awesome as well. Will have some dyno numbers soon.

    Update 2:

    Honestly I've put off writing this because of how irritating it all was. I ended up taking the headers in and out 3 times per side just to clearance, and I still need to do it again.

    Also, they hang lower then my hooker/Jethot setup did. So I LOST ground clearance.

    Finally I LOST power from 4500-6k. Granted not a lot, but enough that the entire process was a fail IMO, probably just my overwhelming frustration. I attribute the loss to the merge and maybe the slowed exhaust velocity because of the stepped pipes. The merge necks down from 3" to under 2.4", overall the header quality and welds are nice, fitment was super frustrating but you get what you pay for.

    In the end I'm going to raise the car(planning on a new suspension setup) and then remove the headers one last time, weld in a new velocity merge, and slap them back in. I plan on boost in the future so I want all the size I can get.

    In closing: the fan setup came out awesome. Car hasn't hit 180* since installed. On to the next stage of the project.
    the DD - 1993 Acura Legend
    the toy - 1995 Pontiac Firebird - 422hp 396tq

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    Did you pull any timing? What's the timing look like from 3-6.5k? That's a pretty drastic difference but what confuses me the most is how the torque comes on like a switch @ 4.5k in the first run.
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    I feel like if you follow the graph up, it's not like it's turned on like a switch, to me it looks more like a small dip because the line continues back on its original trajectory.

    As for the timing I couldn't answer that. My boss tuned the car and I trust he got as much power out of it as he could safely.
    the DD - 1993 Acura Legend
    the toy - 1995 Pontiac Firebird - 422hp 396tq

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